Camping Equipment and Decorations


Beds, Mattresses & Sleeping Bags

  • £10 per bed - weekend hire or

  • £15 bed, mattress & bedding

   These are sturdy beds designed for military use.

   They stand about a foot from the floor which enables easy access  and facilitates storage underneath.

  • Bedding : wide variety of duvets available - let us know if you have a theme in mind.

  • Sleeping Bags: are very good quality Gelert Tryfan 300, suitable for 2/3 seasons ie. warm.

  • £40 Double Camp Bed & Bedding :

   Raised double camp bed plus 10 cm self inflating mattress with variety of duvets available.

  • Double Bed: For weddings or special occasions, we can also supply a small double bed as part of the wedding package price.

Chairs, Cushions, Rugs & Bean Bags

  • Camp Chairs: £5 each per weekend hire.

   Polyester fabric with raspberry/blue stripes, 2.8kg easy to carry

  • Wooden Directors Chairs: £10 each or 4 for £30 per weekend hire.

   Navy Blue Canvas and renewable Eucalyptus wood.

   These are fairly heavy and not suitable for carrying long distance,

   they do however add a very stylish look to your setup.


  • Rugs: around £10 per tent.

   We have a wide range of mats, carpets, rugs, picnic rugs etc.

   Just let us know what sort of theme you are aiming for and we will try to create the right look.

  • Cushions: Approx. £10 for 6 large cushions.

   We have loads of cushions!  For inside, mostly velour (like soft velvet) or cotton.

   For outside, made from weatherproof Polyester


  • Bean Bags: £10 each per weekend.

   Very large for lounging around and chillaxing on, black, purple, pink & blue.

   Made from weatherproof Polyester which is suitable for inside and outside.


Camp Kitchen

Catering for yourself, don’t forget to take something to cook with.

We can supply:  

  • Group Catering Size Charcoal BBQ

  • Ooni Koda Pizza Ovens

  • Single Ring Gas Cookers

  • Pots & Pans

  • Cutlery & Crockery

  • Basic Utensils

Just ask for a quote. 

Package prices are available

Lights, Camera, Action!

We can supply a range of lights for inside and outside your tent, these are normally included with tent hire *FREE

  • *Inside: a rechargeable power pack is supplied as standard with each tent.

      This means the internal lights shouldn’t run out of power & the bonus is,

      you can recharge a device to take plenty of pictures or phone your friends to tell them about your adventure!

  • *Outside Fairy Lights : some are solar, others are dual solar & battery powered for lower sunshine days.


  • Additional Outside Lights: £5 each we can also supply decorative lanterns which can have outside fairy lights in them or a tea light  not suitable for children or inside the tent. 


Bunting & Faux Flowers

Standard cotton bunting or flowers come included in the price of your tent.
We have a wide range of bunting from the traditional cotton coloured triangle

all the way through to foot high sequinned velvet bunting.

Yes we really love bunting!
We also have faux flowers in either white or shades of pink. 

We normally attach flowers to the centre pole along with a light.

You can choose bunting or flowers for the outside, just let us know your preference.