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The Knoxbrige Glamping & Camping Site


5 Metre Sandstone Glamping Tent -  2 nights hire (Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July)

Set as a double camp bed with breakfast basket.

(please let us know if you would prefer twin camp beds).


Double Camp Bed, Bed linen, coffee table, 2 chairs and a table, flowers on central pole, fairy lights, bunting & lantern.

Knoxbridge Glamping 1 - 5m Sandstone GlampingTent - Double Camp Bed

  • Please do not:

    Smoke - All our tents are Non-smoking 

    Candles - candles are a major cause of accidental fire please only use the battery tea lights provided inside the tent.

    Cooking - please cook outside the tent, gazebos are provided for this.

    Sticky tape - if you wish to attach banners etc inside or outside, please use velco, string or cable ties (sticky tape leaves nasty residue).

    Fire Pits & BBQ's - these must be at least 2 metres away from any tent. Please do not leave them smouldering when you leave them, our staff are under strict instructions to extinguish any unattended fire.

    Do not move any fire or bbq inside your tent!  - Carbon Monxide Kills - there is no second chance, even if you are chilly, just dont. Put another layer of clothing on, find a woolly hat, put some socks on, ask for a blanket. These all help keep you warm.

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